Beta Testing for Iyan 3D Android v5.0


    1. Author

      You can import Steve character and use the “Options” button in the menu and select “Skin” and you can apply any skin.

  1. Eu achei essa versão muito boa e eficiente mas o meu bugo e não da mas para colocar skin na rig de Steve e skin no texto
    Tambem não gostei muito do sistema de créditos pq eu faço intros por pedido e para mim está sendo ruim esse sistema de créditos

    Mas tirando isso é o melhor app da playstore de animação de todos os tempos

  2. Hello I Want To Say My Update Does Not Arrived When I Checked There Is Absolutely Nothing!! PLS HELP ME!

    1. Go to Google play and go check “My apps” “Installed” and there is a button named “update all” just touch it

  3. The new versión is perfect! But there is 1 thing:
    The credits!! I don’t like that because in the previous versión we can export a vídeo in 720p but now without credits we can’t!
    The crédits are useful if we want to delete the watermark or import OBJ files, by the way
    I don’t know if this is just for the testing or not

    1. Author

      Hi Karen, Thanks for your feedback.
      If you had bought a premium version in the previous version, then rendering on your device (in any resolution) is free. If you were using the free version, then now you can only export 240p for free. There are many other ways to earn credits other than buying using real money. There are many users who participate in your Twitter Beta group where they share their recent work and report bugs for which we give them Bonus credits. We are also introducing more ways to give credits like weekly Bonus etc. This will be added in the live version.

      1. o meu não carrega a textura e nem skin quando coloco em exportar texture ele vai para a minha galeria aí eu pego a textura e ele fecha quando coloco em add por favor me ajudem

  4. Awesome!!
    Wow the new update is awesome!! But how can i add a Bone in the jaw of some models?

    1. Author

      In the new version you can edit the existing rigg. You have to select the object and use the “Add” -> “Add Bone” option in the menu. This will take you to the Rigging mode and just select the head bone and add a child bone to it.

  5. Please fix this i can’t add more FPS i have only 17 !! |Note5 6.0.1

  6. When will anime modals will come

  7. When will anime modals come

  8. I’m having concerns about the new update’s “recharges.” In fact, I think this is the only application to charge money for almost each project. Eventually, people would look for other ways to use 3D animation, and they won’t bat an eye towards this application. I advise you, your ratings will gradually get lower if the recharges are still in place.

    1. I had bought Premium in the previous version. So , now I can render unlimited frames for free. It is totally amazing. They have given lot of features in this version for free. Only I have to pay for HQ render now. Still you have lot of options to earn credits. Participate their Twitter group, share things you made using the app, report bugs, get bonus credits!

  9. This version is awesome, but the device 4.4.2 objects does not load
    Example : Steve , archer tower, etc.
    All does not load
    Please solve this 🙁

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