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      1. Please help me I got a goku 3d model and have multiple textures but I can only input one Andi looks ugly!!!

      2. hey iyan creator please make more of fnaf animatronic please i love fnaf and i want to make an animation about fnaf but we have little of fnaf animatronics pls make more

      3. Help every single time that I import an object file into the iyan3d IT freaking always freaking freaking crash what should I do help

      4. Plz help me when I try to sign into my profile it just won’t load at all and iv uninstalled and reinstalled it many times I just want to make an account so I can save my video to my camera roll on my phone so I can post my new intro on YouTube can you help me plz

      5. It’s mandatory: enable back mesh/scene export in FBX.

        An export could cost, in credits, as a low quality rendering.

        I need this because I’m using Playir, and it only imports FBX. On the other hand, I’d need animations in them.

  1. Now when i open it it crashes pls fix

  2. Its fixed but you should add mouth movement and eye movement for 3D Animations tho

    1. Author

      Hi Daniel, We are working on adding facial animations like eye and mouth. This will take time as we have to update all our existing characters.

  3. Hi, i buy pro version, if try any predefined animation then app say no internet connection, all on my side is ok, looks great app but if cant use animate ….

    1. Author

      Dear Robert,
      There is a problem with predefined animations, the latest version is pointing our old server to download the animation files. We just migrated to a much powerful server. We are fixing this problem in the upcoming version. Please give us sometime and there are many new features coming in the new version. Thanks for the patients.

  4. I love your app been playing around with it the last week. I’m a 3d animator and this fills in a huge gap missing on iPhone. You guys have a huge potential and really can make this work! I hope you do it will change things for sure if you can iron out some kinks. My main one being the file types, 3ds etc should be useable but the main thing I think that will help will be working with forge or another 3d model / sculpting app . Then to import from email docs or Dropbox. I use forge for rigging and molding and if I could combine them this would truly be the missing link. Great job excited to see the changes and progress as you move forward.

    1. Author

      Hi Sean,
      Thanks for your feedback. We will definitively look forward to integrate sculpting apps. However, you should be able to import OBJ files exported using other software. Email or Dropbox is already possible. You just have to “Open In” and select Iyan 3D and you can use OBJ file. Please check the article links below for more info.

      Importing OBJ within your iPad

      Importing OBJ using a computer with iTunes

      1. I had problems with the same thing, but it’s different. I try to import an OBJ file, but the application messes it up by removing some parts of the file. That’s a bug. The app needs bug fixes! The other problem is that I lost some of the Minecraft rigs. I lost the Minecraft girls such as the sweatergirl, and now I think we need major bug fixes!

  5. Can you guys add PNG support and import videos because if I add a ping img it turns black and won’t change and import videos than I can make Cinematics with realistic water and clouds.

  6. I have paid for the upgraded version of the Android app in hopes that this issue would be resolved by doing so, however I am still having trouble importing certain pre made models, the most concerning of which being the tractor. My device, the Xperia M2 is capable of importing any character, but when prompted to import many accessories they simply don’t show up. How can I fix this? Additionally, when rendering a completed animation, the app does not stay open long enough. This means I have had to break up my finished videos into videos of about 500 frames at a time and string them together with a third party application. It would be ideal if I didn’t have to do this :$ Thanks for your time.

    1. Author

      Hi Nicole,
      We will investigate on both these issues. The upcoming version is packed with more features and you will definitely not regret for upgrading to premium.

  7. Is there any way to remove objects after we import them?? This could get messy quick if there’s no way to delete stuff ……

      1. Hey thanks for the quick response. I am only aware of a delete button for the scenes I have saved,, what I was referring too is , A) in the import .obj & texture window there’s no way to clear things you previously imported and no longer need. Also B) in the section menue/models/my library there is also no way to remove the imported objects. I hope I’m wrong -. If I’m not please consider this in an update :). Great app though glad to pay for it! The only way I can clear this area is to fully delete the app than reinstall it…

        1. Author

          Oh ok, I got it now. Will add this request for our next update. You are right, now you cannot clear the imports unless you delete the app and reinstall. Will add a feature in the next update.

  8. The videos exported are just black and 1 second long!?Help?

  9. Hi sir, I’m from Bangladesh. I like Iyan3d. I want to buy full version of it. But, problem is, I have no credit card. How can I buy full version. Please help me.

  10. Great App except recently it is requiring more credits. This is not written anywhere that I have seen. Please explain and clarify

  11. How do I save to my camera roll?

  12. Hi i paid for premium but the water mark still there help me please

    1. Author

      You can disable the watermark option in the render screen. Once you disable it, the app will remember your settings for future renders.

  13. When ever i finsihed rending it it doesnt come up in my gallery

  14. Hello, I really enjoy using your app to animate. It’s the best one I’ve seen for iOS. But, there is one flaw; crashing. It crashes every five minutes or so when using it which is really annoying. And when I’m using the app it crashes and does not save your progress you have made. I am not very happy about that. Please fix this issue ASAP!

  15. Iyan3D would be a great application, the problem that when I export videos m not save the videos I checked where you saved the Iyan3D folder that was saved in the internal archive and not in the sd card.
    but in the end I did not find the video in question!
    P.S sorry if my english is totally sucks

    1. however I have the Android version of 3D Iyan

  16. is it possible /in ios version/ to add an image but with a mask, so as to have only cut flat object without the rectangle background?

  17. My app glitches out when I load a model on this app.
    Device: Verizon ellipsis 7
    Android Version: 4.4

  18. Hey can I get the Beta for Iyan3dpro?

  19. I cannot login
    When I try to login nothing happens I want to login with google but I just get a blank browser screen.

  20. The font shop ain’t showing up nothing’s there so I can’t put words or nothing and lots of lag plz fix it

  21. I may just be doing something wrong but when I put an obj file I downloaded into the app I can add a texture and move him around but it never seems to have nodes, like I can’t move his arms or legs or anything. If there’s a way to fix this I would appreciate you helping me out

  22. Hi. I have a problem with Iyan3D. (Not the professional edition.) When I upload an OBJ file to the app, it messes up the thing by removing (or not adding) some parts.

  23. Fitst i need book or stips for creat my 3d model in iyan
    Second i have question
    I have iyan 3d pro 6.0

    When i try to dwonload obj i did not find on import !!! Please advise

  24. I want to know i creat my modell in iyan 3d pro !

  25. I would pay as much (in credits) as for a full quality, local render for exporting the animation as a FBX file.

  26. Hi I want to move both hands of a figure keep them together for a few time and then move again, but when I do it doesn’t stay together they move so fast, do you have a tutorial for that, thanks.

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