Can I change the output video resolution?

Yes, you can choose this from the render menu. You can choose among Full HD (1920×1080), HD (1280×720) and DVD(720×480)


Can I do the rendering process in the background?

The rendering process is paused when the app is in the background. Apple’s guidelines suggests not to do any OpenGL based rendering process in the background. However, the rendering process is resumed when the App comes to the foreground again.


Can I edit the same project in different devices?

Yes, you can use iClouds sync option for this purpose. Any changes made in one device will be reflected on the other. However, you cannot edit simultaneously on 2 devices.

Can I sell my models inside Iyan 3D Store?

Yes, all most of the assets in the store are designed by individual artists. You can get in touch with us to sell your models. Use the “contact us” page for this purpose.

Can I use Iyan 3D for commercial purpose?

Yes, you can. Whatever video you create using Iyan 3D completely belongs to you, and you have full rights over the video. The assets you purchased inside the App can only be used within the App. All assets are sold as non-exclusive purchases, so anyone can buy the same asset and use it for their video.

How can I create Photo-Real or Cartoon like scenes?

The rendering system, included in current version is designed to be simple and fast for a mobile device. However, we are planning to include optional Photo-Realistic and Cartoon-like rendering techniques in the future versions.


How can I Import my own model into the App?

Yes, you can import you own OBJ file into your scene. Please copy the OBJ and the Texture files to the Documents folder of the Iyan 3d app using iTunes. The files will be visible in the “OBJ Importer” option.

How can I transfer my purchases to my other device?

You can use the ‘Restore Purchase’ option in the ‘My Library’ section. This feature will download all your previous purchases into the new device. However, you can also download manually each model, and you won’t be charged again for the same item. All purchases are non-consumable In-App Purchases and Apple will not charge again if you try to purchase the item again when using the same iTunes Account.

How do I learn to use Iyan 3D, to make my video?

Iyan 3D user interface is very simple and straightforward for any mobile device users. You can start using the App, and learn using the free assets available in the store. We are doing our best to add more tutorial videos for this app.

How do I use my Computer for Rendering purpose?

The current version does not have the feature of exporting animation data to other 3rd party rendering software. We are planning to add this feature in the next version.


What is the recommended device for using Iyan 3D?

Iyan 3D supports all devices with iOS version 5.1 or later. Though, we have tested the App on iPad 1, for best results and speed, we recommend the new iPad Air 2. You can use your iPhone/iPod as well. Rendering process is a CPU heavy task and we might be slow on older devices.

Why is exporting video slow on my device, and drains my battery quick?

The final video making process called Rendering is very CPU/GPU consuming. If the App takes very long to create your video, it is just normal for a mobile device. You can consider upgrading your device to latest hardware. The first animation movie ‘Toy Story’, took 3 hours to render a single frame in the then-fastest computer.


  1. Very keen to try parallax or 2.5d photography and currently using Adobe touch and Cute Cut Pro as that enables multiple planes for layering video.
    However I am intrigued to discover if this app can be worked to allow for a certain amount of animation and possible more control.
    However I have discovered that I can’t move any item but instead only scale any images I import in. The control therefore goes out the window unless there is a way I can apply the same methods in decimal increments.
    Maybe I’m missing something but I’m finding the lack of control to be disheartening.
    I want to achieve Parallax or 2.5d solely on the iPad using existing apps rather than use photoshop and after effects to prove the iPad is truly a magical and diverse device …. I hope you can help as this app showed so much promise ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Author

      Hi Ross,
      You can create Parallax Photography using this tool. You just have to cut the character in the image and use the rigging tool to rig the character. You can then animate the character however you want. We’ll try this and post an article here soon.

    2. How do you create your own animation to use on an object eg. Steve

        1. ok so I’ve only partially figured out rigging mode but how do you save the template of that rig?

  2. Hello Iyan3D(Makers?)
    Please use the NEW and OFFICIAL Fnaf Models from Steam. They are a lot better than the olds. And please, make mouth movement for the Fnaf Models!
    Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Can you add moving mouths? Please? It would make my animations better because the make them talk, I have to move the head up and down, and that ruins everything, so, can you please add moving mouths to all the models?

    1. Author

      Hi Awsomeguy, we are already working on facial animation. There are some hardware limitations to achieve such minute animations. This feature is planned for our future version in December.

      1. Among that, as a background, could you add the FNaF map? It also could make my animations Better. The reason is you are the only guys who have made an amazing 3D animation app on the App Store. Could you also allow any type of 3D model be allowed to use?

        1. Not as a background, they should add Importable maps, and fnaf should be a built in one.

  4. On YouTube there is group that uses the fnaf heads, blah blah blah, Can You Add where we can detach the body parts, I can show u the characters and what I mean later.

  5. hello i love this app so much could anyone direct me to a computer operated equivalent program that is similar in the way of structure and user-friendliness? i’m really not wanting to create anything big or serious, more just short basic animations like ratboygenius and jimmy neutron happy family hour on youtube. i’ve downloaded blender but even that is a bit difficult for me as i have no 3d animating experience whatsoever, hence why i loved using iyan3D so much – it’s so easy!!

  6. Hi , I have problems when I export models from 123 sculpt+ to iyan ( after the unzip) , the result is a strange pressed model

  7. I can’t import my own obj file. I have a lg phone not iphone.

  8. How do u even move the thing you placed down higher or to the side?!

    1. U can’t,only for Mobil and stuff like that!HAHA FOR ONE TIME THAT COMPUTER SUCKS!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Hello. I’m hoping you can help me out with your app. Whenever i move or rotate an object, i want to be precise on each frame. When i let go of the screen, it changes from the most subtle movement. Please add an option to set the individual values of each number for rotation and movement. Meaning the x, y, and z values by changing the specific number. Thank you.

  10. So basacly I can’t use Iyan3D NOT ANYMORE cuse I just can’t sign in,whene I try it dosent go to my facebook or my google + or my twitter,and without sign in,I CAN’T IMPORT ANIMATIONS,and actually I got ytb channel waiting for videos,so basicly now,IT sucks.
    Fix it pls

  11. Hi! I love your app, but I have one problem. How can I get free credits? I don’t have the money to buy anything! And I really wanna make 3D fnaf youTube videos! please help!

  12. Gostaria de saber se nas proximas versรตes vocรชs pode colocar uma ”timeline” de musica ? Porque eu estou com um pouco de dificuldade quando eu vou fazer minhas intros :/

  13. hi so if you are a dev of Iyan 3d 4 things 1st on the Minecraft Steve skin the right side of the character head is backwards. 2nd is there a way to add a texture to an obj. file without iTunes? 3rd can you give a tutorial on rigging mode? and finally I’m trying to simply add a texture to a bendy model from bendy and the ink machine can you help me?

  14. How do you rig or add skeletons to obj models on the latest version of iyan 3d premium on ios? Also how do you add more than one texture?

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