Good News for Iyan 3D Android users

Good News for Iyan 3D Android users

Sorry about the delay and we have made you wait for a long time for this version. Iyan 3d releases were was far ahead on iOS compared to the Android release schedules until now. Today we have worked hard to keep up the release schedule and Android is moving ahead this time. We have just release a new update v5.4 for Android to the Play Store with many new exciting features.

  • Physics Simulation
  • New Particle Effects
  • New Light types (Point / Directional)
  • Option to Change Skin Texture on any object
  • Multi-select option to move / rotate / scale objects in group
  • Complete new UI for much easier interaction
  • Offload your rendering to our HQ Render servers
  • Clone / Duplicate objects easily.
  • The app is now completely free including auto-rig feature.
  • You can now use App Credits to render high resolution video and HQ render
  • Edit previously rigged objects.
  • Performance and Stability Fixes.


  1. Now the app is 1000% awesome!!

  2. New minecrft skin 😀
    Yeni minecrft skini 😀

  3. You said it is free but it’s not there is those annoying credits and we don’t even know how to earn them

  4. Não estou conseguindo salvar como faço já vi vários videos e nada

  5. Does Taht Mean Iyan3D Android 5.0 Released??

  6. please let us allow to export the animation without credits

  7. I’m having trouble importing .obj files to my scenes. I have the latest version of Iyan 3D, and I’m using an Android 4.4 (Kitkat) Phone. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please respond if you do!


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