How to import OBJ files into Iyan 3D [Within your iPad]


    1. You can find 3d models from If you are a modeler, you can use blender, maya, or any 3d software.

      1. Can you make it so you can upload shapes or at least make a gun model and free gangster to go with it.

          1. Author

            The resource link you have provided is not in obj file format. Plz search in other websites for textured obj format

          2. If only more people use iyan 3d so I can watch more tutorials

          3. Author

            This looks like the right choice. You can try unziping the content with a zip tool (a lot of options available in appstore for free). And import as per the steps explained.

          4. It works now but the onlyroblem is I press open in iyan 3d and it doesn’t go to the rigged model section it just says to import your obj file use import and rig model use button in home page and I did that

          5. Author

            Hi Nehemiah,
            The Obj import and Rigging feature is not free, its only a trial version. You can only use it 3 times for free and then you have to purchase the Premium version to get unlimited tries.

          6. Author

            In the current version, the App does not support importing OBJ files with more than one texture. We are looking forward to add this feature in the future.

          7. I works… But… I dont know how to use it…

          8. I need help, i go to turbo squid, i downloaded a model, but im stuck from there, how to email it to myself? Its not working

  1. So what’re some ways to MAKE the file? As in, make them inside you iPad? What apps???? Can I google a certain thing?

  2. I’m not sure if my model is a OBJ model
    (i made it on a website) and I’m not so sure how I’m ment to email it to myself. ( it’s a folder)
    So my question is how do i email a folder to myself.

  3. Do models from TF3DM work? I installed a model fro there but my phone doesn’t recoginize it as an obj file. I’m on android.

  4. how do i apply multiple textures at once

    shrek (sorry i dont want to give away my real name)

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