Import a 3D Model (OBJ File) using iTunes


  1. Your app offers the ability to ” Make your own character for £2. Then charges you £2.99 (which is fraud) then offers you the ability to IMPORT a character that you have ALREADY made. Which is NOT what it states on the misleading button.

    So can you ” make your own character” in Iyan? Tell me how, because I can not find it.

    If I can not make my own character, then I want my money back and shall report this app.


  2. Thanks for your feedback and truly appreciate the effort of bring this to us. Regarding the price display, we are fetching the price from Apple’s servers. Probably there was some problem in converting the cost into decimals. We’ll fix this issues in the next update.

    Make your own character, is a feature to import your own model and use in the App for animating. This app is not a modeling tool, its just a solution for doing 3d animations within your iOS device. I’ll change the text in the next update to avoid such confusions.

    We regret that you were confused on these issues. Please use the request for refund in iTunes to get your money back. The next update will take couple of weeks time and will have all these changes. Thanks for using our app.

  3. can you add a way to import texture files from camera roll. i dont have a laptop and i can only download and use the obj files, not the textures.

    1. Hi keanu,
      The next version which is due to be released in couple of weeks has this feature already. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. i think this app is interesting looking forward to using it. except for one thing. i purchased the “use own model” and every time i try to upload my model it gives an error message and then states my model has too many polygons which cannot be the case as it is a fairly simple 3d model. a little frustrated as i purchased and am unable to use

    1. Hi Nick,
      A new update that is waiting for Apple’s Approval has the problem fixed. The new version should be able to load upto 2 Million Polygons. This should solve the issues related to loading OBJ files. And for users who purchased the Premium Upgrade, there are more surprises waiting, I would insist to wait for couple of days and you will not regret on this.

        1. Hi CreeperHendrix,
          Thanks for writing to us. Please download the OBJ file using browser, and open it with “Iyan 3D” app, then the app will show you the OBJ file in the list to import.

    1. Please download the OBJ file using browser, and use the “open it” option and select “Iyan 3D” app, then the app will show you the OBJ file in the list to import.

        1. The link is a compressed rar file, you need to uncompressed with a rar tool (available in AppStore for free). Then select the OBJ and “Open in” Iyan 3D

  5. Ugh this obj file thing is crap can u plz make an update where u can simply draw on characters like minecraft

  6. Where is the make your own character section?

  7. So I get my file into the library and when i open it it looks so messed up…every time i load it into my scene it gives me a different abstract shape -.- why is that?

  8. Hi. I select the OBJ File of The Prince of Persia but this Character has 2 Texture Files for his head and his body.
    I can only choose one of them and the character becomes strange.
    How can I select the both texture files simultaneously?

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