Iyan 3d for Android Development Progress


  1. Love to be a part of beta testing big fan of this app not a apple user cause it reminds me of moviestorm I suggest if you already don’t have it be able to save movements make a list use on other characters save time and also eye blinking and mouth moving

    1. Author

      Hi Brian, thanks for showing interest. Will share the build when it’s ready. Couple of weeks time. Saving the animation as template is already available. You can apply on different models or text

      1. I would like to be a build tester too plz

  2. I’d like to join the beta testing i love the and i almost waste my time finding the app that perfect for animation or intro and now i found it here ..and i will never waste finding a app like this
    i’am very thankful if i can join the beta testing..

    1. Author

      Hi Christian,
      We are almost there before calling it ready for beta. Probably in another week, the beta will be ready. Right now we have many known bugs to be fixed.

  3. Can My Lenovo Tab 2 A70 30HC Run Iya 3D?

    1. Author

      Hi Christian, We’ve not tested the latest build on this device model. However, if you are interested, you can participate in the upcoming Beta testing. We’ll share the information in a new article in couple of days.

        1. Author

          Hi, thanks for your support. We are planning to release it in couple of days. You just have to fill the form and we’ll send you the info in couple of days.

  4. Iyan 3d güzel ama animasyon yapamıyorum nasıl olucak yardım edermisiniz?

  5. Hi.please add ability to add video and snap a few obj to add to Android

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