Iyan 3D – For Android, is it worth porting?


  1. I loved iyan 3d on the ipod, and I can’t wait for android!

    1. Author

      Thanks for showing your interest for Android Version. We might take a couple of months time before we release the App for Android.

      1. I can not wait for the android version

          1. Its been four weeks sense you pit that comment (:

            Is it our yet (=

          2. Author

            Hi Isaiah,
            We are planning to release Andriod version in the first week of Octobar. We’ll post the current progress in couple of days.

          3. The first week of october is Yesterday, i’m waiting for the Android Version, Please, make it on the play store or make an apk link on the website ! 🙂

          4. Author

            Najsou, In couple of days there will be a post about the new release date. The development is taking bit longer than we predicted. We apologizes for pushing the release dates. Android has too many screen resolutions, many different GPU types, and Iyan 3d is not a simple app.

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