Minecraft Intro Animation Contest


  1. Can you give me the Minecraft Steve texture? I don’t want to participate, but I want to make one Minecraft animation for fun.

    Send it to me by my email, please.

    1. Author

      Hi Jaxon, We are working on creating a lot of characters and objects based Minecraft. Please wait for a couple of days and it will appear on the asset store.

      1. And also what you mean asset store if u mean send to your email can you seeped To mine and where you get that awesome shading and those blocks?????

    2. Wait how are we gonna get those textures and move there mouths and get those steves without hacking or paying?

  2. Can you send me the Steve and hero brine obj files , send by email please , also do you know any sites for obj files?

        1. Author

          Originally our idea was to end with 25 entries, but we are no where near that entries. So we have decided to wait for our new version which has a new rendering Pipeline. This is going to totally change the Quality of export.

  3. Hello. I don’t have twitter. Although i do have a YouTube channel. Also, are the Minecraft Models will stay? Or not?

    1. Author

      Hi MC3D,
      Just saw your YT videos. You can just link to this post on your YT vid and post your video link here in comments.

  4. 😀 esta muy buena la pagina

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