Most exciting release Iyan 3D v5.0 – coming soon


    1. Iyan Dev is going to android 4.0 and below cause im so excited for export

      1. Is there any release date for android BTW your my favorite devolper

        1. Author

          We do not have a clear timeline, but it will take more than a month time. Thanks for your feedback, we are very much honored to be your favorite developer.

  1. I am really excited for thus is! Especially because I recently bought pro 🙂

    1. Ask smackall your Apple ID, but not your password.

  2. Please add me to Beta Group

    1. Author

      Hi, I’ve shared your ID to Beta group. Please let me know your Twitter link so I can add you to Private Beta Group for further discussion.

  3. Need anime charecters pls.need for android.

  4. Agree with anubhav.i need anime modals like that of goku,vegeta,narutoetc..u cn search in google for more anime

    1. Author

      Thanks for writing to us. We are working with various organizations to get licenses for different animation characters. We will soon add famous anime characters. For now you can use OBJ import to add any character available for free on the internet and use it in Iyan 3D.

  5. Thnx but what’s obj and how can it help me to add new i use this app for pc?.and pls get the update for Android too

    1. Author

      iOS v5.0 will be out in 2 weeks. We are working on Iyan 3D Android V5.0 now. OBJ is a file format that stores a 3D mesh information into a file. This file format is supproted by most of the 3d Applications. Iyan 3D OBJ Import

  6. How can i get goku texture for free.i need it plss

    1. Search 3D models and textures such as tf3dm or turbosquid.

  7. Hey i need goku ss3 model texture for free.Where cn i get it.and also i cant animate my goku model.pls send me a video of editing a goku model and a website to download goku texture.thnx!

    1. There’s 3D models and textures in tf3dm or turbosquid.

      1. can u pls send me a link for goku ss3 texture plsss

  8. is their a way that i can download iyan 3d on windows 10?

  9. What’s the estimated time before android update plz I can’t open app on my s6 edge plz respond

    1. Author

      The problem is actually, the current build does not have support for 64 bit CPU. Thats the reason you are not able to open the app. We are working on v5.0 which is a big update and will be ready by end of March. Meanwhile, we are trying to fix this issue alone and release an update.

  10. how can i delete an obj file from iiyan 3d??

  11. to save a video asks me to log on, but when I try I can not, the app is closed and I have the IOS version Please Help !! D:

  12. Can you add music to your animation?

    1. No because it is not necessary but you can import to camera rolls of your video and use the other app to put the music.

  13. When’s 5.0 coming for android and how do you export a model?

  14. Why does it take a long time for me to insert a model?

    1. Por esse app eu fiz uma intro pro meu canal…mais eu so não sei como mando ela do app pra minha galeria…Como faço para importar ela??

  15. Some reason it won’t let me import videos like it did before

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