Some good Youtube Videos posted by users made using Iyan 3d


  1. Hello dev team for lyan 3-d, i think i have taken the lyan intro skills to the next level. My yt is DirtyDanGFX and i think i am expirenced with this and i have cane up with new ideas myself. Like adding shockwaves and sync to the intros witch nobody has ever done before, if you would like a tutorial just email me and i would be glad to do so!


  2. Hello lyan 3d devs! I would like to tell you on how im really good and i have created my own unique ways of lyan 3d intro design! First of all people ask me all the time how i do my shockwaves and sync. And i tell them its a secret. Ive been reading all your posts and one caught my eye. You said there will be a contest on ios intro design! I am excited and i made a vid on my YouTube channel saying why i can change the lyan 3d community and why i am so good. I think i have very great potential to do this and i think that i can change the community. Pls contact me if you have any more questions about me amd i would like to enter the best ios intro design contest of yours 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Kenneth,
      Your video is so amazing. Did you do it completely using Iyan 3D? We are so surprised on how people can use the tool. Do you think you can write an article on how long it took and what other tools you used to do this video?

    2. Which tools you use to make this video..

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