The long awaited pro version of Iyan 3D is out on the App Store

The long awaited pro version of Iyan 3D is out on the App Store

The pro version of the app, which we have been working on, for a very long time, is out on the App Store today. We are proud to announce the Pro version for our users, with a lot of exciting features. This version takes mobile animations to the next level. Please checkout our pro version in the app store.


  1. Please make it for android i have been waiting for a long time ,thank you for reading this

  2. So I bought this hoping it would be better than the non-pro version, it has several features that are better, but it is full of bugs. For instance, it freezes and crashes all the time! Another example of the bugginess of it is when I tried importing an OBJ file that worked in the other one, but it got really messed up; lines slurred, dimensions off, etc. So I don’t know why the pro version had problems with this when the not pro version didn’t. But I really need them to fix this soon. Because I have a project coming up that I need it for. Another thing that is buggy is the physics rendering. The physics somehow think that a plane made of cloth goes right through a sphere that is heavy. But lands on the plane that is static. This didn’t happen with the other version Which brings me to the old version. I’m not sure why, but it won’t let me export anything anymore, it’s like the server got deleted or something. Which led me to buy the pro version. I love that it doesn’t take credits to export your files. But now I can’t use the old one that I bought tons of credits’ worth. The Pro version doesn’t have HQ rendering either. All-in-all, this app could be absolutely amazing, but there’s far too many bugs for it to be very useful.

    Hope you fix these bugs so I can animate with ease, and I’ll give it a better rating.

  3. There is no Add Bone option in pro…. why?!!!!

  4. There is no Add Bone option in Pro… why?

  5. There is no Add Bone option in Pro version… why?

  6. Yang di google play untuk HP android samsung tipe J7 prime masih sulit untuk dipergunakan, mohon solusinya.

  7. Please make for android I need iyan 3D pro please😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  8. how do u get to it to make the animation?

  9. CAN you tell me how to have good five nights at Freddy’s models because I dont know and im so exited to test this new version. Please give me the link of the models. Tank you (I try to put some models but they dont open.

  10. In the play store is not the latest version of Iyan I want much more when I was in the beta test program I did not receive the beta version

    1. You have a date for the release of the new version

  11. Am I the only one that cannot use it with IOS 11 ?…

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