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  1. Help me I want to do the hulk animation

    1. Author

      You can upload the Hulk model with Texture, and then Rigg the model using Automatic Rigging Tool. Once you have done this, you can see the model ready for animation in the ‘My Library’ screen in the Asset Store.

      1. Hello! The UI Of The IO S Version Is Awesome! Well When Will It Came Out For Android?

      2. У меня проблемы!!
        Когда хочу создать текст там нет шрифтов и ещё
        Кнопка Анимации не работает!!!
        Что делать это случилось после обновления!

      3. And How To Get The Auto Rigging Tool?

      4. Where is the texture in game i cant find the texture ingame please help me

    2. Why does it not working in Android

  2. How Do I Get A Texture For The Create Your Own Skin The Instructions Don’t Help At All… What Do I Do I Payed £2 For It?

  3. How do i get a Minecraft Model (I want my skin in one of my animations)

  4. How should I make a video and share it ??????❔ ❔❔❓❓❓❓

  5. How do I save my video I try and it says its added to gallery put its not on gallery plz awnser I need help!!

    1. Use iMovie it only a dollar and can use it for more than just iyan

  6. Hi! How can I delete some frames?
    Plz answer me!

  7. PLEASE HELP! I tried saving an animation for a specific character. But when I try to apply the animation to a different sprite, it doesn’t show the one I had applied. Only the trending ones that others had made.

  8. I want to do a Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbar animation

  9. I want to do a Nightmare Fredbear and Normal Fredbear animation

  10. My version is for Android, i try to sabe the video but don’t save! Please help me.

  11. How do you get more models and backgrounds

  12. When i want to open camera and then i open light the camera disappeared from the screen and i not able open all camera, light and accessories at a time please solve my problem.

  13. Are you working on the models I need (Nightmare Fredbear,Normal Fredbear and Nightmare)

  14. I need to import my mc skin on this but there’s only Steve I heard people say you can but I don’t know how plz help?

    1. Author

      You can import Steve character and use the “Options” button in the menu and select “Skin” and you can apply any skin.

  15. How do I render the video and store it in my photos. When ever I go to render it says you do not have enough credits. And I hv like 70000 credits. What do I do pls help

  16. How do I save it into my camera roll?

    1. Author

      Hi, To save your animation output, you have to use the export option in the toolbar. And select the video option to continue with the settings. Once the render is completed you will be able to see the video in your Camera Roll.

  17. How do I even put thing in!!!! When I open models it just loads for ever. I can’t even put particles in. Pleas help!!! 🙁

  18. How do I unlock the materials? Called Velocity at the bottom of Options

  19. How do I save the animation to my camera roll

  20. Quero compartilhar meu filme como faço?

  21. I’m making a Minecraft animation in 3D but how do I do it pls help.

  22. Bonjour j’ai un petit problème quand j’ai fait mon intro j’ai quitter iyan 3D j’i suis retourner sa avait sauvegarder se que j’ai fait mais je voudrait la mettre dans mes galeries mais je ne sais pas comment faire aider moi svp?

  23. I cant select an image. When i try to it just closes the app

  24. Pls can you make the bonnie’s guitar and the chica’s cupckake
    I need it need it for an animation

  25. I uploaded a custom mc skin but it doesnt show the hats please help

  26. How can I add custom skins? I added one but It appeared different.

  27. cartoon puffy

  28. How can i import obj file i iyan3d? I’m usin android

  29. I can’t apply animation on text in android and it don’t show how mush credit I have and it laggy (in android).

  30. The results from the app look great.

    Any chance of adding pitch, yaw and bank sliders to pose joints on the characters?

    How about keyframe indicators for selected objects or joints?

  31. How do I make a FNAF animation with a background?

  32. Cant sign in on ios please fix bcouse cant save animation

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