What to expect in Iyan 3D v5.0?


  1. What’s Riley’s Twitter?

    1. Your article is great and am truly honoured to be quoted in it. I can’t promise success but i’ll do my best to help you guys.

      For others feel free to join me through my facebook page Facebook/ux4all


      1. When will the new five nights at Freddy’s character models be released???

        1. The five nights at Freddy’s characters are already available in Iyan3d.

          1. No I mean like from the second third and fourth game I knew they were there from the first

  2. My dailymotion account is tugsclipsHD. I have animations made with iyan3D there. I don’t upload too often but you can feature my animations on your channel BUT you must give credit. Also, can you add the FNaF 2 models and Freddy Fazbear’s pizza daytime map?

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